keep your engagement ring looking like new

10 Ways to Keep Your Engagement Ring Looking Brand New 

August 02, 2019

how to keep your engagement ring looking new

Your engagement ring is a treasured piece of jewelry, and because it’s so special to you, it requires special care. Everyone wants their ring to keep sparkling and shining like it did on the day they got it - right? 

Nobody wants to look down at their ring and see dirt, scratches, discoloration or cracks. But what if you find yourself in this situation… is there a way to bring your ring’s shine back? What can you do to prevent these things from happening to keep your engagement ring in tip-top condition?

It actually may not be as complicated as you think. 

Our team here at June did some research and we found 10 simple things that anyone can do to keep their ring looking brand spanking new! Incorporating these tips and cleaning ideas will have your ring out-sparkling the rest in no time. 

#1 Windex, Windex, Windex 

Who here also loves My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Papa Portokalos got it right when he said: “Put some Windex on it!” 

No seriously - Windex actually can be a perfect cleaner for your engagement ring. 

Spray a bit of Windex directly on your engagement ring and give it a good scrub with a soft toothbrush or lint-free cloth. Give it a cold rinse and air dry or pat dry. This method is super convenient because almost everyone has a bottle of Windex in their house plus chemicals in Windex aren’t strong enough to harm your ring. 

Win-Win for Windex! 


#2 Soap, Water, Repeat 

If you’re nervous about using Windex or want an even more simple method to clean your ring - you don’t need to look much farther than your kitchen sink.

Dish soap and water can actually be a powerful cleaning agent and can keep your ring sparkling. 

Soak your ring in some warm water with a couple of squirts of dish soap added in. Let it soak for 15 minutes or so and scrub it with a soft toothbrush. Rinse, dry, and enjoy the fresh sparkle!


#3 Bring on the Vodka 

Alright, this tip is a little more on the obscure side - but nothing is worse than watching your engagement ring lose its shine.

Believe it or not, soaking your ring in a glass of vodka is known to actually bring back your ring’s shine! After letting it soak for 10-20 minutes just give it a rinse in water and voila - you’ve got your sparkler back. 


#4 Ultrasonic Waves 

If you want to get really serious with your ring cleaning, you can purchase an ultrasonic machine. 

The ultrasonic waves in these machines will do all the work for you in cleaning your ring, simply pop your ring in and turn it on. It’s like having a maid - but for your engagement ring. While it’s likely you don’t already own an ultrasonic wave machine, once you have one it’ll last you years. 

Important note: If your ring has any small diamond settings or a band with lots of smaller stones - you may want to be wary of this one. Sometimes these machines can be really powerful and you may loosen up some of the smaller gems. 


#5 Don’t Touch Your Gem 

Alright it might sound silly but one of the easiest most simple ways to keep your engagement ring in good condition is to avoid touching the center stone. 

You’ll notice the first instinct from someone admiring your ring will be to reach out and put their thumb right on your diamond. And while we can’t blame them for admiring, there’s no need to let them dull up your ring! Oils from your skin will dirty the stone and make it less sparkly. 

When you’re taking the ring on and off, grab the ring from the sides to avoid touching the center stone. 


#6 Rings Don’t Swim

While you may appreciate a quick dip in the pool - your ring does not. 

Chlorine, our favorite pool cleaning chemical, is really harsh on rings. So if you decide to swim with your ring on you may run the risk of discoloration, corrosion, and cracking if you don’t take your ring off before you dip.

Saltwater can also be really harsh on engagement rings so swimming in oceans and saltwater pools are another no-no. 

Damage from salt or chlorine is 100% avoidable. Let's do our rings and wallets a favor by taking them off before we swim okay? 


#7 Rings Don’t Exercise

Ladies - I know we all love a good Zumba sesh - but unfortunately, your engagement ring doesn’t. 

Sports, working out, & sweating, workout equipment (especially weights), fast-paced movements and sweat will all increase the likelihood of damaging your ring — it could get caught on loose clothing, hit a hard surface, or even hurt someone else if you're playing a team sport. If your ring accidentally falls off while you're outdoors (running, rock climbing, etc.), you might not even realize it's missing until it's too late.

It’s just too risky! 

However, I understand that some ladies probably don’t want to hit up the gym without a ring (we all know gym creepers exist and it’s nice to have proof that you’re off the market). I would suggest purchasing a cheap rubber wedding band that you can wear while swimming (see tip 6) or working out. This way you can show off your marriage without showing off and potentially harming your ring. 


#8 Dream of Your Ring - Don’t Dream With it 

Even when sleeping, you can do damage to your ring. 

While you’re tossing and turning, your ring could get caught on sheets, clothing, or hair. While this won’t cause immediate damage, over time the repetitive friction can loosen stones and wear down prongs. 

The best solution? Keep a dish or jewelry box on your nightstand as a reminder to take off your ring before settling in for the night. Say goodbye to jewelry damage nightmares and hello to sweet dreams for you and your ring! 


#9 Rings Don’t Shower

Exfoliating soaps can work wonders for your skin, but they can also cause a lot of harm over time to your ring.

Precious metals and softer gemstones are prone to micro scratches that will dull the metal and stones. Yes, the ring can get re-polished but the best way to keep it shining is to take it off before you shower. 


#10 If It Fits, It Ships 

Okay, we’re not actually talking about shipping packages here but the principle is the same. When your ring fits, it’s going to look better. 

When your ring is sized properly you aren’t going to touch it as much, which prevents your ring from oil and dirt damage. When your ring is too loose or tight you may find yourself moving your ring all the time in order to keep it comfortably on your finger. 

The solution? Get a proper fit. You can trust that your ring will stay right on your finger like it’s supposed to and you won’t have to play with it all the time. 


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