5 Most Common Mistakes Couples Make When Ring Shopping



 Buying an engagement ring is a huge deal. 

It’s one of the most important purchases you’ll ever make - and a purchase you probably only want to make once. 

That’s a lot of pressure.

So, to help make sure the pressure is on the diamonds, not on you, I decided to reach out to June’s jewelry industry expert Shelly to get the scoop on the most common engagement ring mistakes that couples make. Knowing these mistakes before going ring shopping will guarantee a better experience for you and your future fiance and save you the heartache of having to buy a different ring.  

Shelly has been in the engagement ring business for a LONG time and she’s got some insights that are going to help you not only become aware of the mistakes a lot of couples make, but more prepared to avoid these when it’s your turn to find your perfect ring. 

So let’s get started! 

MISTAKE #1: Don’t Discuss the Budget 

Alright y’all this mistake can be a doozy. According to our ring-shopping expert Shelly, when couples don’t discuss the budget before shopping... they’re likely headed for a rude awakening. 

Shelly has seen that oftentimes girls tend to think their budget is significantly higher when it is not-which makes it tough to accurately pick out a ring. 

This mistake is very easily avoidable. 

Talk budgets with your boo! Make sure you’re on the same page about how much you want to spend and where you’re willing to compromise if you don’t have the same vision. Going in with a clear cut budget will save your wallet and save you from any ring regret tears. 


MISTAKE #2: Don’t Know What Style You Want  

Nothing is more frustrating than something taking WAY longer than it needs too. When you have NO idea about what kind of engagement ring you or your future fiance wants can make the process of finding a ring long and overwhelming. 

According to Shelly - not knowing exactly what style you want is normal, but having an idea of things you do like will make the process a lot less stressful. Shelly recommends looking at Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook to find inspiration photos of rings you love that’ll make finding what style you easier for those involved in the shopping process.


MISTAKE #3: Neglecting the Quality of Ring  

We understand. 

You are a budget-savvy couple who doesn’t want to break the bank on your engagement ring! 

That’s totally normal. 

Our ring expert Shelly has spent a lot of time in retail and she’s interacted with a lot of couples who were so worried about sticking to their budget they completed neglected the quality of their ring.

 We all love the dollar menu at McDonald’s right? But if you are looking for a higher quality burger that won’t make you regret eating it just a few minutes after… You’re probably going to look somewhere else. 

Don’t fall into the cheap over quality trap! There are a lot of ways to lower the cost of your engagement ring without sacrificing quality. Make sure to ask lots of questions about the grade, features, and quality of your engagement ring and make sure that “good deal” you’re getting is actually a good deal.

Remember - a ring is an investment. The higher quality you have, the longer it’ll last and keep looking as beautiful as it did on the day you get proposed too. 

Not sure what makes a ring quality? Click here for more information! 


MISTAKE #4: Shopping at Chain Stores 

This mistake may actually come as a shock to a lot of you.

We’ve likely all heard an ad for a major jeweler in which they claim to be the number one store for purchasing quality engagement rings at lesser prices.

This isn’t always the case. 

According to Shelly, big jewelry chain stores buy what are called parcels. Purchasing parcels basically means that they purchase diamonds in huge amounts to save on their overall cost. These stones come in all different qualities ranging from the lowest of the low to really high-quality. 

Chain stores will then take those stones and just set them into rings, regardless of those stones that are lower quality. Meaning that they are going to try to sell you rings that are advertised as being better than they are. So you might end up with an iI-2, J colored Diamond (yellow looking lower quality diamond) just because that’s what they set in the ring! 

Not all major jewelers are bad, it’s just important to find out the facts. The last thing you want is to regret buying a ring from a store because you didn’t do the work to find out what they’re all about.  

MISTAKE #5: Not Getting Written Quotes 

Thank goodness for Shelly bringing this up because honestly, getting a written quote for the value and price of your ring is not something I thought about when I was looking for rings. 

Shelly says that if you don’t get a quote that is written down, it is technically not a valid quote. When you have a valid quote, all jewelers, insurers, and any other place that would need to know the value your ring HAS to honor it. 

One amazing thing about June is you get your own private quote page that you can go back and reference all the time and play around with the pricing on that quote! 

Don’t let people guess how much your ring is of worth to them. Get a written quote and you’ll never have to worry about that. 

When it comes to being perfect, we’re all going to fall short and make mistakes. 

But, when it comes to finding your perfect engagement ring, some mishaps are 1000% avoidable. Hopefully, these 6 most common mistakes couples make when ring shopping have you feeling more prepared and ready to tackle ring shopping and find your dream ring! 


*Special thanks to Shelly Jolley for her input on this post. Shelly has worked in the jewelry industry for over 5 years in various marketing, sales, and customer service positions.