8 Different Engagement Ring Styles: A Ring-Choosing Guide for the Indecisive Bride-to-Be



Do you know what kind of engagement ring you want?

If you do, congrats! Some people get lucky and have always known what kind of engagement ring they want to rock (pun intended).

If you are not as lucky and have no clue what kind of engagement ring you want – don’t fret! Just because you don’t know what style will best represent you and your marriage doesn’t mean it’s not out there.

So, for all the ladies out there who aren’t sure what kind of shape, style, cut or color you’re looking for – Statice and I have compiled a ring choosing guide complete with eight different trending ring styles that are sure to help you turn your “I don’t know’s” into “YES!” 

The Solitaire

Looking for something simple, elegant and classy? A solitaire ring is perfect for those who want something timeless and tasteful without being flashy or over-the-top. The solitaire ring showcases your center stone and will glisten on your hand.

Another benefit of a solitaire ring is how well it looks paired with a wedding band or wrap around ring to add a little glam when you want. Pictured below is a solitaire ring with a circle cut, one of the most common diamond cuts for a solitaire ring. 

The Halo

A halo ring is just as angelic as it sounds. Halo settings are characterized by a center gemstone surrounded by smaller accent diamonds for a gorgeous encircled look. The most common halo designs typically feature traditional circle-shaped and cushion-shaped (square-cut with round corners) diamonds. 

Halos are perfect for couples that want a ring that is a little more lavish than solitaire rings and provides a big sparkle without being too overwhelming. Another reason halos are popular is the ring or halo of accent diamonds around the center stone, makes the center stone appear larger! Pictured below is a halo setting with a circle cut diamond. 

The Vintage

Out with the new and in with the old with gorgeous vintage rings! Vintage-inspired engagement rings are perfect for those with a unique style. Vintage-style rings usually incorporate design elements from the past and give you that family heirloom feel. 

Brides love vintage rings for their handcrafted, unique designs and they bring some glitz and glam to your engagement ring. Vintage rings are extremely customizable and are really just characterized by design details influenced by antique rings over the past 100 years. Pictured below is a horizontal marquise-cut diamond with an accent halo and diamond-adorned rose gold band. 

The Extravagant

If diamonds are truly your best friend, look no further than an extravagant ring. While this isn’t a type of cut or shape, extravagant rings really mean engagement rings that are jaw-dropping and glam to the max. This means extreme shine, brilliant details, and over-the-top glamour. 

Brides who are looking for something unique, outrageous and dramatic should look for extravagant rings. Usually, extravagant rings tend to be a little more pricey due to the lavish details, but there are ways to cut costs such as using moissanite for the stones or a lower carat gold. Extravagant rings are really just bringing your dream ring to life and often times these rings are best found through custom design shops. Pictured below is a Statice original that features a beautiful oval center stone surrounded by a floral-inspired halo of round and pear-shaped stones.

The Oval 

If you’re looking for a rounded design with a little more character, the oval is your gal. Brides love oval rings because their design is elongated which makes ovals appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. Plus oval diamonds are usually priced lower than round brilliants. 

Another great thing about oval diamonds is that the shape doesn’t have any sharp corners so it’s less prone to chipping – and who wants their engagement ring chipping? If you’re wanting something that makes your fingers look slim, while sparkling, shining and lasting forever you may want to look into an oval diamond. Pictured below is an oval-shaped center stone ring on a simple gold band with diamond shoulders that lead towards the center stone. 

The Emerald

If you’re looking for a ring that’s trending, you need to check out an emerald cut ring. Emerald rings are all over the celeb world right now, and for good reason! Emerald-cut diamonds are cut with long lines that make for a sophisticated and stylish look, all while making your hands and fingers look slim and slender. 

An emerald Cut diamond usually appears larger than other shaped diamonds in the same carat weight, perfect for brides that want a larger stone without a larger price point. When choosing an emerald ring, remember to shoot for the highest clarity, which will help hide any imperfections, while looking as elegant and regal as possible. Pictured below is a gorgeous emerald cut diamond on a diamond-encrusted white-gold band. 


The Pear Shape

This teardrop-shaped style is nothing to cry about - unless you’re crying tears of joy! Pear-shaped diamonds are an elegant and flattering choice for brides who are looking for a more unique, glamorous type of ring. Pear-shaped stones are known for their brilliance and sparkle, that’s sure to deliver for brides who are looking for that “wow factor”. 

Another benefit to pear-shape cut rings is their elongated figure makes them look larger than a round diamond. But it's not just appearance, they're actually 8% larger on their top surface - meaning that even a small pear-shaped diamond can make a big impact. Pictured below is a gorgeous halo cut center stone with diamond halo and diamond-encrusted band. 


The Minimalist 

What if you’re not excited by large center stones or elaborate design and sparkle? News flash - there's nothing ordinary, dull or basic about minimalist rings for the minimalist bride! From small and simple bands to extremely small center stones, minimalist rings make a statement for any bride who wants something understated and unique. 

A huge perk about minimalist rings is the price tends to be significantly cheaper than other rings for obvious reasons. So if you’re looking for something delicate, different and special without being over-the-top, you should look into minimalist rings. Pictured below is a yellow gold minimal ring complete with diamond accent stones in a vine pattern. 

For all those indecisive brides out there - remember this - you can’t go wrong with your engagement ring if you stay true to yourself. Whatever your style is, I guarantee that you can find a ring out there that fits it. If you do find yourself in a design pinch, remember there are design experts out there that can make your dream ring a reality. To learn more about how June can help you design the ring of your dreams - click here.