How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring: Timeline & Cost



How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring: Timeline & Cost

A piece of fine jewelry is something you will wear for a lifetime, and it is designed to endure a sweaty workout class, a sink full of dishes, and even a resizing if needed. Whether your fiancé bought your ring and it’s not the perfect fit, or your finger size fluctuates over time, a ring resize may be necessary. 

The less you have to resize your ring the better, so getting sized properly is important! Like the old saying goes, “measure twice, cut once!” 

We have included a try-at-home step in our design process to prevent resizing delays for you. We will mail 3D replicas of your selections and a complimentary ring sizer to confirm your ring size. Sometimes you need to try things on to see what fits, and jewelry is no exception.

Here are some things to consider when sizing your finger:

  • Width of the band - Wide bands will fit tighter than thin bands.
  • Temperature - Fingers swell in hot temperatures, and shrink in the cold. Do your best to get sized after you've been in a moderate temperature for at least an hour!
  • Time of day - Your fingers will fluctuate throughout the day, so measure in the early afternoon for the most accurate size.
  • Tension - Your ring shouldn't slide off without a bit of effort. You want a bit of tension getting it over your knuckle. If it takes longer than 5-10 seconds to get off, then it's too tight.
  • Ring style - A solitaire setting will be more top heavy and likely to spin. To avoid that, make sure it's extra snug!

If you already own a ring and, for various reasons, need to resize it – the good news is that this is totally feasible. Most metals can be bent and manipulated during the resizing process!



How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring: By Mail

With the surge in e-commerce over the past decade, more people are buying their luxury jewelry online than ever before. If this is the case for you, the resizing process will be very similar and possibly even more convenient!

The by-mail resizing process generally takes 8-20 days to complete.

Talk with your jeweler during the process; they will be able to answer your specific questions and resolve your concerns! It is worth asking about their shipping process and how they ensure the safety and quality of your ring. Here at June Rings, we offer fully insured shipping that requires an adult signature.



How Long Does It Take to Resize a Ring: In-store

The in-store resizing process generally takes 5-15 days to complete. 

When you take your ring to the jeweler, ask how long it will take them. Usually, they can give you a closer estimate based on past jobs they have completed similar to yours. Many jewelers outsource their resizing, which adds more of a delay.

It can be difficult to have one of your most important possessions out of your sight, but remember that your ring will serve you so much more when it is the right size! Having a ring that is too loose brings the risk of losing it, and having a ring that is too tight brings much discomfort.


cost of resizing a ring


Cost of Resizing a Ring

For a simple ring adjustment, you can expect to pay anywhere between $40-$135. This would include a plain solitaire ring or band that is going up or down one size.

If your ring requires a more complicated resizing, you can expect to pay anywhere between $135-$250. Anything with side stones (particularly pavé set stones), engraving, or a size change more than 1 size up or down are likely to be in the more complicated category.

If you live far from your jeweler, or if your jeweler is online, expect to pay for shipping. This would add an extra $25-$40 to the resizing cost. Always make sure your jeweler is using insured shipping!



Common Questions About the Ring Resizing Process


Can I Get My Ring Resized Anywhere?

This is a great question because many existing services offer ring resizing. It is always best to have your ring resized at the place where you originally purchased the ring. 

Something to keep in mind is that most jewelers will void your warranty if you take your ring to an unauthorized jeweler. Contact your original jeweler for any maintenance to steer clear of your warranty becoming void. They know your ring best! 

Take a look at your jeweler's warranty again because they most likely offer a lifetime customer discount!


Can All Types of Precious Metals be Resized?

Tungsten & titanium are materials that are not resizable. While neither is common in engagement rings, they are often used in mens bands. If you've purchased a tungsten or titanium ring and need a new size, you'll need to buy an entirely new ring.

Eternity bands are a ring style to be mindful of. They are lovely settings, and quite popular - characterized by the stones going 100% around the ring giving you sparkle from every angle. But, because the stones cover the ring they are often impossible (or extremely expensive) to resize. At June Rings, many of our rings include gemstones that wrap only three-quarters of the band, giving you plenty of sparkle while keeping the option of resizing open for you!

If your ring is one of the rare cases that can’t be resized, talk to your jeweler about remaking the ring. There is always something possible to help you keep your valuable and sentimental ring.


how to care for your ring

Does Resizing Damage a Ring?

This really depends on the ring style. The more intricate the ring, the more maintenance resizing will require. As a general rule, we usually recommend not resizing a ring more than 2-3 times over its lifetime. If more resizing is necessary, the jeweler can reinforce the ring as needed to make sure the quality doesn't suffer.

Stay away from any DIY methods of ring resizing because this will most likely cause damage to your ring. The process of resizing a ring requires professional skills and tools.

As long as you have been caring properly for your ring and are using a reputable jeweler, don’t expect any issues to arise from resizing!



What Is the Resizing Process?

  • Downsizing: 

When downsizing a ring, the jeweler cuts a small part of the metal (usually at the base of the ring) and then solders the smaller band back together.


  • Upsizing:

When upsizing a ring, two methods can be done: stretching the ring or adding metal. Generally, adding metal is a safer option because it avoids distorting the shape of the ring.


In every case, after resizing the goldsmith will check to see if any stones came loose during the process (which is very common) and tighten as needed. Then the ring will be deep cleaned and polished to look brand new. With proper care and the help of a skilled jeweler, a resized ring should be as beautiful and long-lasting as the original.

A ring that fits well will look more polished and put-together, and you'll be able to show off the ring's design and gems to their full potential. With today's advances in jewelry crafting, resizing your ring can be a quick and easy process that can be done by a professional jeweler with minimal impact on the integrity of your ring. So, don't let a ring that doesn't fit properly go to waste, get it resized and enjoy wearing it for many years to come.