How to Clean a Moissanite Ring – The Do’s and Don’ts!



How to Clean a Moissanite Ring – The Do’s and Don’ts!


At June Rings, we don’t want you to think of selecting your dream ring as the end of your story—it is just the beginning! No matter what adventures you’ve already embarked on that led you to love, there are still so many more to be had. There are so many more memories to make, so many more moments to treasure. And through all of it, your ring will be with you. 

We do our very best to craft timeless rings that will last you a lifetime and beyond, but knowing how to clean your ring is an important part of ensuring it will always sparkle and shine the same way it did when you first said, “Yes!” 


While most gemstones require similar levels of care while cleaning, it is still important to consider your own specific stone and ring, just to be safe. One gemstone that is growing in popularity—and, we must say, one gemstone we truly love for its radiant sparkle—is the moissanite. 


Moissanite is a gorgeous gemstone option to consider when selecting the stone that will set your individual ring apart from all the rest. While not exactly the same as a diamond (the most well known wedding ring gemstone) moissanite is a very close second to diamonds on the Mohs Hardness Scale, which makes it durable and dazzling all at the same time. High quality moissanite stones are colorless and, when cut in the right way, one of the most brilliant stones available. 


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All of our June diamond rings can be specially customized to feature a moissanite gemstone instead, so there is no need to fear that your options are in any way limited if you choose to pursue a moissanite ring. We want to make sure you are informed and feel confident in both wearing and caring for it. 

As such, we have assembled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you know exactly how to clean a moissanite ring.


DO Use a Detergent Bath to Clean Your Moissanite Ring

One of the easiest and safest ways to clean your moissanite ring is to wash it in a combination of warm water and mild liquid detergent. It is important to not use any detergent or soap-like substance that contains “soap,” because the actual ingredient soap can create a filmy layer on the surface of your moissanite gemstone, which is exactly what you should be trying to get rid of by cleaning your ring. Anything that gets between your ring and the light that you want your ring to reflect will cause your stone to lose some of its shine, so make sure you avoid the ingredient soap at all costs! 


how to clean a moissanite ring

DO Use a Small Brush to Gently Clean Your Gemstone

Because moissanite stones are exceptionally hard and durable, you can use a gentle brush, such as a toothbrush, to clean your ring. It is still important to be relatively gentle, but moissanite stones can withstand some scrubbing if that’s what’s required to bring back its shine and sparkle! Just to be safe, make sure the brush you use has soft bristles—and don’t worry, even soft brushes can go a long way in cleaning your stone!

​​DO Use Cold Water and Household Ammonia

If your moissanite ring doesn’t necessarily need scrubbing but could still use an extra shine, mix ¾ parts cold water and ¼ parts household ammonia in a bowl. Do not use more than ¼ parts of the cleaning chemical—though some chemicals are necessary, too much can harm your ring. After mixing the water and ammonia, place your moissanite ring in the liquid and let it soak for about 10 minutes. You can still use a soft brush to clean out accumulated dirt if necessary, and then rinse your ring with warm or hot water before allowing it to dry.


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DON’T Use Paper Towels to Dry Your Jewelry

Rather than using towels to dry your moissanite ring after cleaning it, we recommend using a blow dryer. The use of hot air to dry the moisture from your ring will ensure a bright shine, and simply letting your ring air dry is also a safe option. If you really want to use a towel to dry your ring (or any other jewelry you might be using), then make sure to only use a soft cloth towel. Paper towels are very harsh, and even though moissanite stones are nearly as hard and durable as diamond gemstones, you can never be too careful. Even if the stone remains unscarred, paper towels could also scratch the metal of your ring, which should be avoided.


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DON’T Wash Multiple Jewelry Pieces Together

Even though washing multiple pieces of jewelry together might seem convenient, it is always worth the extra time and effort to wash, dry, and store each piece of jewelry separately. If you place multiple pieces in a soapy water bath together or dry them together in a towel, anytime they come in contact with each other there is a chance that they could scratch each other. Especially considering the extraordinary hardness of moissanite stones compared to other stones and metals, it is always safer to take extra precautions.

General Maintenance of Moissanite Rings

While rings can always be cleaned, it is more often helpful to avoid situations that will result in needing to rigorously clean your ring. If you are engaging in any type of exercise or cleaning, it is best to put your ring in safe storage during that time in order to protect it from sweat, chemicals, and possible scratches or pressure. It is important to remember that while moissanite gemstones are very strong, the precious metals of your ring’s band are likely not as durable. Removing your ring before swimming is also essential, as chlorine and saltwater can cause damage. Setting your ring in a safe, protected area during these activities will protect your ring and lessen your need to clean it, which will help it last as long as your love.

For more information on taking care of your June Ring, visit our Ring Care page.