The Ring of Her Dreams


Asking her to Marry You?

That’s a big one and we are excited you are ready. The thing is the moment needs to be perfect…for her. While we can’t tell you how to ask her, we can help you get the right ring. That’s why we offer custom designed engagement rings so when you pop the question and make the big reveal…her beautiful engagement ring. The reflection of your love, care and desire to be with her forever. Her reaction will always be etched in your mind!

Custom Engagement Rings

Statice offers custom engagement rings that are designed to fit her specific tastes and your budget. We work with you every step of the way to create the ring she has always wanted. What’s better is we offer a variety of stone options, natural and lab created, to allow you to accomplish the right look within your budget. We have customized our process to ensure you get the exact ring she wants, without having to step foot into a high pressure store.

Custom Engagement Ring

The Result? Customers Love Us!

“I was looking for a custom ring and a friend told me about Statice. I was skeptical at first. A local brick and mortar company gave me a quote and I wanted to see how competitive Statice's pricing was. So I had them make me an initial ring mockup. The design consultant presented me with several options - asking me questions I didn't even know I cared about. She didn't just take the ring I had in my mind, she made it even better and even more unique to me. After the mockup they sent me a 3D print. It was an exact replica of the ring I later ordered from them, and it's cool to compare to the two now. You can make changes after the print, but I didn't want to. The price was so much better than the brick and mortar that I ordered it. I can honestly say it was the easiest and most enjoyable experience. Statice for the win. Highly recommend”


Your Bride Awaits!