Every June ring is handcrafted with the best materials and we stand behind the quality of our rings. Every purchase also comes with a free 24 month warranty that includes:

  • Professional cleaning & Inspection
  • Polishing
  • Rhodium plating
  • Tightening loose stones
  • Replacing side stones up to .25 carats
  • Repairing any manufacturing defects
  • Appraisal

Our warranty does not include:

  • Loss or theft of the ring
  • Loss of the center stone
  • Discoloration of precious metals due to chemicals, make-up, or bathing.
  • Damage to prongs or band due to vigorous activity or impact

You take care of shipping costs, and we take care of the rest.

After the 24 month warranty, we would love to continue helping you maintain your ring! Any work needed on the ring would come with a 50% customer discount for life.

*All fine jewelry can be impacted by normal wear & activities. Rings need extra attention since they’re on our hands an exposed to so much on a daily basis! Maintaining your ring will help slow down normal wear and tear. We recommend that you have us, or a local jeweler inspect your ring annually and keep up on any recommended maintenance. For some tips on how best to take care of your ring, click here.

We recommend insuring your ring with a 3rd party insurance company, or your homeowners/rental policy. If you decide to go the third party route, we recommend Jewelers Mutual. Enter jeweler code A02401 for your free quote!