8 Engagement Ring Styles for the Indecisive Bride

Saying “I do” might be easy, but it’s not the first commitment you have to make on your road to becoming a new bride. Let’s talk diamonds—an engagement ring marks the beginning of a new chapter, and this list of styles will guide you in the right direction to choosing a new companion for your left hand.  

Classic Solitaire

When the words “engagement ring” come to mind, a solitaire takes center stage. This timeless design has a long history and is undoubtedly the most famous style. Solitaire rings can vary in detail, but their distinct trait is that they feature a singular stone. This enhances the stone’s radiance and calls attention to its unique cut. 





Three Stone

Currently making a modern resurgence, a three stone design is elegant and glamorous. This traditional style is a cult favorite with a romantic story: a stone to symbolize your love’s past, present, and future. And with three stones to play with, there’s plenty of room to experiment with different diamond cuts and sizes—or even a pop of color.




Toi et Moi 

The beloved two stone—or “toi et moi”—design is having a moment, and we’re happy to give it the attention it deserves. This style has endless possibilities for cut and customization. Taking the French word for “you and me” literally, each stone is intended to capture the personality of your dynamic duo and symbolize the union of both souls.





Something traditional can always become new again. Call us “old fashioned”, but we'll never pass up an opportunity to pay homage to vintage ring styles. Think Euro and mine cut diamonds, chunky gold bands, and antique settings that make a statement in a classic, retro way. These gorgeous details are meant to be preserved.



Colored Gemstone

This nontraditional style is a sure way to stand out from the crowd. With a wide range of stones and colors to choose from, a gemstone ring makes the ultimate statement by straying from the white diamond ritual. And in search for a colorful companion, you’ll discover why each gemstone is uniquely special. 






With a vintage feel of their own, a cluster ring receives plenty of attention. This beloved design is as charming as it is versatile, and lovers of this style have the potential to wear something truly original. Infinite combinations of diamond cuts and sizes are joined into a memorable shape, and with tight proximity, the diamonds reflect off each other to emphasize their famous sparkle.




Modern & Minimal

Minimalism captures a certain kind of sophistication. For the trend-setters who want a clean, polished look: make it modern. There’s something exciting about giving classic ring styles a refresh—we’re talking clean lines, bold cuts, and reviving famous styles. Go for something with a modern edge, or combine your favorite details into something entirely new. It won’t be long before others follow your lead.




One of a Kind

No two people are exactly alike, and the same can be said about engagement rings. A one of a kind design pulls inspiration from anywhere, with personal details that come to symbolize something meaningful. These treasures are best created from scratch, or claimed from existing collections that feature rare, treasured stones and truly original styles.




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