I don’t know my finger size. How can I figure that out?

No problem, a free ring sizer is included with every order of a 3D printed ring so you can confirm the size you’d like. Order a 3D model of any June Collection ring or check out some basic styles on our Try at Home resource.
For any ring over 4mm in width (like a Cigar Band) we do recommend going up at least 1/2 size since it will fit more snug. Questions? Text us at 385.217.5152, we're happy to help.


How long does a bespoke design take?

The timeline for creating a bespoke piece varies based on many factors (revisions to the design, sourcing or custom cutting a specific stone, multiple 3D replicas, etc). But, typically you can expect a design process of 2-3 weeks and production of 3-4 weeks.

When designing a custom ring with us,  there is a deposit of $300 to begin. This $300 goes fully towards the cost of your ring as long as production begins within 45 days.

You’ll receive two complimentary revisions to your design during the custom process with digital renderings. Any additional edits will incur a fee of $100-$250 depending on the extent of the change requested.

One complimentary 3D replica of your design will be mailed to you for in-person final approval. Additional 3D replicas will incur a fee of $150 each.


Do I get to see my custom design before the ring is made?

Yes! During the design process you will receive digital renderings of the ring showing it from every angle. These renderings are the highest quality available and look incredibly realistic and include photo & video renderings. Once you have approved the digital design, you will also receive a 3D replica of the ring mailed to your home. You can see every detail in person before we start production of the ring.


I like a couple of different styles and would like to try them on before deciding. Can I do that?

Yes, we recommend it! Seeing different styles on your hand definitely help in deciding what you love. You can order a 3D replica of any June collection ring shown on our site to try on at home, or order basic styles using our Try at Home resource. Each order of a 3D print includes a complimentary ring sizer as well.


Can I order a 3D printed ring in a different size?

Our standard 3D prints all come in a size 6.5. The resin used to make the replicas is fairly soft and if the replica is much too small for you to try on, we recommend snipping the base of the model with a sharp pair of scissors. This will allow it to slide on and off easily.

If you are designing a custom ring with June, you do receive a replica of your custom design in your exact finger size for approval.


What do the 3D prints look like?

The 3D printed rings are exact replicas of the real thing - the same file that is used to cast the ring is used to make the 3D print! They are made from a white plant-based resin which looks and feels similar to plastic. 


Do I need to return my 3D print?

No, the 3D print is yours to keep.


Can you source a specific stone for me?

Absolutely. We work with a wide range of trusted partners and are very particular with the stones we use. Certified diamonds, natural and lab created gemstones, precision cut moissanite, and very high standards for stone quality ensure you will be thrilled with your ring. If there is a very specific stone type or quality you are looking for, just let us know. Sourcing a very specific stone can add extra time to the design process in some cases which your Design Consultant will provide details on.


How do I start the custom process with June Studio?

There is a $300 deposit required to begin the custom process. This deposit goes towards the total cost of the ring as long as production is started within 45 days.  During the design process you will receive a detailed quote along with the digital renderings & 3D model of your bespoke piece. Once you have approved your design & materials, a ½ down payment is required to start production on the ring.

To get started, fill out this form. You can expect a personalized response from our team within 1 business day.


Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, we can ship your ring to wherever you are. The customer is responsible for all international duties and taxes incurred with the shipment. The specific duties and taxes will vary by country.


Do you have a storefront?

June is predominately online with our team based all over the United States. We do offer limited appointments at our studio in Salt Lake City, or video consultations. Keep an eye out for our June Pop-ups which are all around the US. You can book an appointment, request a ring stack, and keep an eye out for upcoming events here.


I love a One of a Kind ring that is sold out. Will it be restocked?

Our One of a Kind rings are made from rare gemstones and antique cuts. All designs are sold in single quantities and are not re-stocked. If the ring you love is sold out, we are happy to source you a similar stone or use that ring as inspiration to design you something new.


Do you offer repairs?

Yes, we do. Our in-house goldsmith can provide sizing, polishing, or damage repair as needed. Reach out to repairs@junerings.com with your name, order number, and the repair needed for information. We use insured shipping for all repairs to get the ring to the destination safely.

The customer is responsible for all shipping fees for any ring repairs. If you have purchased ring insurance (which we highly recommend for all fine jewelry) typically the shipping will be covered by your policy.


Do you warranty my June ring?

Each of our pieces are hand-crafted and we stand behind their quality 100%. Any June collection or bespoke piece comes with our warranty which you can read about here.

 All fine jewelry requires maintenance so make sure you know how to care for your piece - click here to find out more.


Does June insure my ring?

No - June provides a warranty, but does not insure the ring. We highly recommend insuring your piece with jewelry insurance or adding it to your homeowners policy to get coverage for things like accidental damage, theft, and loss. 

June provides a complimentary appraisal to make getting your ring insured quick and easy. 


Where do I get my ring insured?

You can add fine jewelry to your homeowners policy, or get jewelry-specific insurance. We love Jewelers Mutual.


Does June provide appraisals?

Yes, your June ring will come with a complimentary appraisal to use for insurance purposes. If you lost your appraisal, please email us at hello@junerings.com with your name and order number.


How long do repairs take?

It will depend on the work being done, but typically repairs at with our goldsmith for 5-7 business days. 


Can I return a ring?

Each of our rings - both collection and custom designs -  are hand made to order specifically for each customer. June does not offer returns, exchanges, or in-store credit for any piece. If there is an issue with your ring please contact us so we can find a solution.


If I already have a diamond or gemstones, can I use it for a June ring?

We do not work with outside diamonds at this time. Each of our diamonds are hand picked (we do not order bulk parcels) to ensure it meets our high quality standards. We do not sell un-set rings as to be eligible for our warranty our rings must be fully set and undergo a final quality inspection before being shipped out. 


What is the difference between diamond and moissanite?

Both are their own separate gemstone, and durable enough for every day wear. A common misconception is that a moissanite is a 'fake diamond', which is not the case. Moissanite is its own gemstone with its own unique chemical composition - just like an emerald or sapphire. What makes moissanite unique is that it happens to look and act quite similarly to a diamond, making it very popular in fine jewelry over the last 15 years.

We offer both diamond and moissanite at June so each client can choose based on their preference. You can read about the qualities of each stone here


What is the difference between lab created and natural diamonds?

The only difference is how they are formed. Lab and natural diamonds are identical down to a chemical level and they are graded using the exact same scales. We offer both certified lab created and certified mined diamonds so each client may select based on their preference.

Read more about the characteristics of lab & mined diamonds here.


What are the quality of June's diamonds?

We hand pick each diamond to ensure it meets our quality standards. For brilliant cut stones we require a minimum clarity of VS2, for step-cut stones the minimum is VS1. This ensures there will never be any flaws visible to the naked eye.

For stone color each stone will be H or better to ensure a bright white sparkle. Cut grade is a minimum of Very Good, but typically Excellent. For ovals and marquise cut stones we check to ensure there is no prominent bow-tie effect.

The exceptions to these quality standards are:

1. Many rings in our One of a Kind collection have antique gems that may have lower color or clarity grades. Details on all these pieces are included under 'Description' on each ring's product page.

2. Fancy color and champagne diamonds will be graded on a different color scale.

3. We can source slightly lower quality. For example, salt & pepper diamonds or a stone with warmer color, if that is the client preference.


Learn more about the diamond grading scale here.


Can I choose my own stone?

Yes, if you are looking for a specific quality please let us know, we're happy for you to be involved in your stone selection. We provide magnified videos of our diamonds so you can see the details of each stone.

Please note, if you are looking for a flawless diamond or a fancy colored stone it may increase the cost as those stone types do carry a premium.


Are June rings solid gold?

Yes, all of our pieces are solid gold - never filled or plated. Most of our rings come in 14k gold as the standard, but you are able to request solid 10k, 18k, or Platinum as well.


I love the idea of designing a custom ring but am worried about not being able to try it on first to make sure it’s perfect.

Here at June you receive digital renderings of the design as well as a 3D printed model of the ring. Rest assured you can feel 100% confident in your design before we take the ring into production.  


Can I customize a ring from one of your collections?

Absolutely, that's something we do frequently. Each of our designs are  customizable and may be used as inspiration to create your dream ring. Get in touch with the June team and we’ll get you a quote & next steps for your custom request. 


Is it more expensive to make a custom design?

No, each of our rings are made to order and there is not an additional fee to customize a ring. The final cost will be determined by the materials you select to make the ring (gold karat, center stone size, side stones, etc). We provide detailed quotes listing a variety of options for you to compare when creating a ring with us.


Does my order of June ring include a ring box?

Yes, your purchase of a June ring will include a complimentary June ring box. If you'd like to purchase a velvet ring box you can do so at checkout for an additional charge of $35.


Where do you source your materials?

We use recycled gold & work with fully vetted and trusted partners to provide ethically sourced stones in all of our settings. All of our center stone diamonds are certified and you receive that certificate with your completed ring.


What if my ring gets lost in the mail?

In the very unlikely event that your ring is lost in the mail you can rest easy. We use fully insured shipping and the ring is fully covered.

Our rings require an adult signature upon delivery, so please make sure you are providing an address where someone will be present to accept the ring after it’s shipped. June is not responsible for any delays or rerouting fees due to an undeliverable address.


How do I track my order once it's shipped?

You can download the Route app as prompted at checkout for detailed tracking updates. You will also receive an email with your tracking number once the ring has shipped so you can keep an eye on the shipment.


Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer financing through Affirm. You can select that as your method of payment at checkout.


I need to change my shipping address, how do I do that?

If your ring has not already shipped, we can update your shipping address at any point. Text us at 385.217.5152 and we can get it taken care of.


How long will it take to receive my ring?

Each June ring is made to order and production takes 3-4 weeks. If we are custom-cutting a stone for you, production may take longer which you will be fully informed of by your Design Consultant.


Can I rush my order?

In some cases we can provide a rush service for a fee of $250. Send us a message at hello@junerings.com with the ring style, gold color, stone type (diamond, moissanite, colored gemstone, etc), and finger size you're looking for and we will let you know the expediting options.


I live with my partner and don't want them to see the package with the ring arrive at our house, what can I do?

The June packaging is discreet, but does have the company name on it in one spot. If requested, we can remove it so there is no reference to 'June' anywhere on it. Alternatively, we can ship to an office or a trusted family member or friend for you - just be sure there is someone available to sign at the delivery address to avoid any delays.