Trend Alert: What is a Portrait Cut Diamond?

Whether it’s a pop color shoe or a statement exit dress, the modern bride is always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. And with a variety of gemstones and unique diamond cuts at your disposal, you can set the tone from the moment you say “I do”. 

The hottest item on our bridal style radar: a portrait cut diamond. Modern and vintage all at once, this cut’s unique glass-like appearance is raising a lot of questions: is it a diamond? Is it durable? What kind of sparkle can I expect from this unique look?

Here’s everything you need to know about a portrait cut and why it should be dominating your vision board:



June Solitaire Portrait Cut


What is a Portrait Cut?

A portrait cut is one of the oldest forms of diamond cutting. Originating from Ancient India, this antique cutting style was named after its practical use of protecting miniature artwork and photos—”portraits”. The shape produces a thin, flat, transparent stone with minimal facets along the edges.

The style’s popularity spiked in the early 20th century amongst the royal class. Jewelry designers gravitated toward this antique style’s unusual sparkle and contrastive nature: it’s classical, yet contemporary; luxurious, yet understated. This cut can be applied to a variety of gemstones for an extremely rare look and feel.



June One of a Kind Pear Portrait Diamond Solitaire


What Makes a Portrait Cut Special?

A portrait cut is a refreshing break from tradition. Instead of the brilliance one would typically expect from a diamond, this style evokes a subtle, romantic shimmer. Its smooth plane is clean and minimal; it embraces individuality from every angle.

Modern jewelers delight in experimenting with this antique cut. As with all antique cutting styles, a portrait cut stone can make a traditional setting feel brand new. Many celebrities have emerged with gorgeous portrait cut stone on their ring finger. It’s simple: this memorable cut is sure to draw attention. They’re effortlessly glamorous, while offering a bigger look per carat than other traditional cuts.



 June Solitaire Portrait Bezel

Where Do I Find a Portrait Cut Ring?

Getting your hands on this rare cut is doable—if you know where to look. Start by browsing your favorite jewelry designers for this antique style or tracking down inspiration images on Pinterest. Many innovative jewelers are already dotting the shelves with portrait cut stones in One of a Kind and Engagement Collections. It’s only a matter of time before you find your perfect fit.  

Maybe you’re on the hunt for a classic portrait cut solitaire, or you’re color-conscious with a green sapphire stone or a fern-accented signet. If no existent styles are calling your name, create a custom portrait cut look with the help of a design consultant. These skilled professionals can help bring your unique vision to life.


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