5 Men’s Wedding Band Styles for the Modern Groom

A bride’s engagement ring might be the main character, but we can’t overlook its forever companion: a groom’s wedding band. This piece of fine jewelry has every reason to make a bold statement—especially when crafted from solid gold by an expert jeweler. 

Let’s give your fiance’s hand the attention it deserves with the ultimate men’s band ring style guide:


Men's Flat & Petite Round Cigar Band

1. Cigar Band

For grooms in search of an understated companion, there’s one way to keep it classic: a yellow gold cigar band. Traditionally crafted with a flat or rounded surface, this traditional accessory is forever versatile and a longtime piece of timeless gold. Experiment with different textures or add a stone detail to match your partner’s diamond ring. 

The Cigar Band is available with 3, 6, and 9mm width in flat and round shapes in the June Men’s Collection


Men's Onyx Ridged Signet


2. Onyx Ridged Signet

Our Onyx Ridged Signet is for grooms with an appreciation for the finer details. This unique accessory is an elegant combination of three stunning materials: gold, black onyx, and a sparkling diamond. A masculine band adorned with ridged detailing sets the stage for a truly unforgettable piece. This design has no shortage of personality, and holds enough mystique to be passed down to future generations.

Shop the Onyx Ridged Signet in the June Men’s Collection 


Men's Grooved Band


3. Grooved Band

For the groom who’s not afraid to stand out, yet still delights in tradition: the Grooved Band. Crafted from timeless yellow gold, this accessory’s durable 6mm width is adorned with horizontal grooved edges. The band’s refreshing details create a unique sculptural look with beautiful texture. A classic piece with a twist. 

Shop the Grooved Band in the June Men’s Collection


Men's Rectangle Signet


4. Rectangle Signet

The Rectangle Signet is a modern accessory with a touch of masculinity. Clean lines set the stage for this geometric style: a refined rectangular shape with a brushed finish. This no-fuss yellow gold accessory is the perfect complement to your partner’s engagement ring while still making a statement of its own.

The Rectangle Signet is available with 15x7 or 15x19mm width in the June Men’s Collection


Men's Squared Signet


5. Squared Signet

A signet is a beloved silhouette and a longtime piece of fine jewelry. Grooms with good taste gravitate toward this timeless style, boasting a flat brushed surface lined with soft edges to create a subtle square face. Complement your bride’s engagement ring with a small diamond detail, or let the yellow gold shine on its own.

Shop the Squared Signet in the June Men’s Collection


The perfect “I do” moment starts with a beautiful exchange of two wedding bands. Craft your perfect combination in the June Men’s and Ladies Bands Collection, or create something custom in the June Studio.