Proposal Prep: The Ultimate Engagement Timeline




Love is in the air, and this season’s wedding festivities might have you fantasizing about a future proposal. Maybe you’re browsing engagement ring styles or considering taking the next step with your significant other.

Thoughts of love and commitment might have you asking: How long are people engaged? Rest assured—you’re not the only one who’s looking for a road map of this significant life event. Before you pop the big question, there are a few things to consider to ensure your engagement is on the right track. 

Let’s get into the details:

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What Comes Before “I do”

Saying “I do” might be easy, but it’s not the first commitment you make before the wedding. An engagement ring symbolizes your romantic union and requires more planning than most people might think.

Depending on your ring of choice, couples should allot 1-2 months before their desired proposal date to ensure a ring is in-hand and ready for the big question. This window is ideal for diamond selection, style research, budget planning, and all of the fine details that make your dream ring possible. 

Once you and your partner are ready to commit to an engagement ring, communicate with your jeweler about the production timeline. Maybe your ring is already in stock and is available for quick delivery. Otherwise, standard orders require an estimated 3-4 weeks, or 4-6 weeks in the case of rare or custom designs.



The Big Question

The ring is delivered, and you’re ready to pop the big question. This romantic moment warrants a plan of its own—after all, it’s a monumental step in your relationship. 

Maybe you like to take it slow, or you’re one for spontaneity. Trust your gut—start by brainstorming special locations or steal proposal ideas from the experts. Ask yourself: How can I make the most of this romantic moment? Or, What is the best way to celebrate our love story? No one knows your relationship better than you do. And with the right amount of effort, this moment will be unforgettable. 



Engagement Timeline

So you’re happily engaged—what comes next? Now that you’ve embarked on this new journey, remember: there is no one-size-fits-all engagement timeline. There are many factors that could affect the length of an engagement. For example: preferential location/seasons, work schedules, venue availability, finances, or other unique circumstances. 

To get an idea, the average amount of time a couple is engaged is between 12-18 months. Most find this time window optimal for securing the right venue, dress alterations, or arranging travel for friends and loved ones. Depending on your vision and situation, this window can fluctuate. Some couples sustain an engagement of many years, and others tie the knot in a mere matter of months.

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Choosing a Wedding Band

It’s not over yet. As you craft your perfect bridal look, there is one more accessory to add to your attire: a sparkling wedding band. Often confused with an engagement ring, a wedding band is an additional piece of jewelry that is exchanged during a ring ceremony. This ring signifies that the wearer is married, and is designed to be worn alongside an engagement ring as a matching set. 

If you want to add another shining companion to your ring stack, allot 2-3 weeks for standard orders or 4-5 weeks for custom or rare cuts. Or, you can arrange a wedding band alongside your engagement ring to quicken the process. 

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A proposal marks the beginning of an exciting journey between you and your significant other. Our Engagement Ring Style Guide and Budget Ring Guide will make sure you have everything you need to make it special.


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Images by Peri Merniez