The 7 Most Romantic Ways to Propose to Your Significant Other

Maybe you’re engagement ring shopping, or you’re considering bringing up the topic of marriage with your partner. You know the drill: this pivotal moment should be exciting, meaningful, and as romantic as possible. And once you say “I do”, there is plenty of planning and happy moments ahead. 

Let’s get in to all the best ways you can pop the big question:


Images by Christina Joy & Flytographer: Ernir in Reykjavik


Out in Nature

Memorable proposals are often paired with a beautiful backdrop. And when it comes to the outdoors, there are more than enough to choose from. Consider your local landscape: gorgeous beach views, a peaceful forest, or a mountain top sunset are just a few of the many options at your fingertips. Your special lookout point is just one leisurely hike (or short walk) away. The world is your stage.


Images by Kelsey Converse & Marcy Blum


Nighttime City Setting

Maybe nature isn’t your thing, but you and your partner feel at home in the busy city. Don’t fret—there are plenty of gorgeous views in an urban metropolis. And another major pro: there’s no shortage of things to do. Whether you’re strolling downtown or starting the night out at your favorite restaurant, a proposal can be just as magical looking out at the city lights. Head to the rooftop or coordinate a gesture at one of your favorite city spots.


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Something Meaningful

Every couple has a story, and a proposal is a wonderful way to celebrate the journey. Think of some of your relationship’s most meaningful moments: maybe you met at the library, or you had your first date at your local ski resort. Or, you made things “official” in a romantic picnic at the park. This is an eventful way to remember all the best times. Trust your instinct, and go with it—no one knows your relationship better than you do.


Images by Nina Long & Anna Elizabeth


At Home

A home proposal might seem ordinary, but sometimes the simplest things are the most meaningful. Cook your significant other a romantic dinner, set up a gorgeous atmosphere with hanging lights or candles, or surround yourself with friends and loved ones. A home setting can be as private or public as you want it to be. And even better yet, this unassuming location might ensure your partner never sees it coming.


Images by The Paris Photographer & AD Media


Travel or Destination

There are few things more magical than saying “I do” in front of the Eiffel Tower or getting down on one knee after sunbathing in Santorini, which is why a destination proposal is a must-add to this list. If you and your partner love to travel, this just might be the epic moment you're looking for. Get your ring ready and book your tickets to any of the world’s most exotic destinations.


Images by Sydney Noelle Photo & Kartsie Photography



For couples who are always looking to have more fun, make your favorite activity even better by popping the big question. There is no shortage of exciting outings to choose from: book a sailing trip in your local harbor, attend a concert, or venture to something thrilling like a hot air balloon ride. This approach will make an already amazing moment unforgettable, and it’s something you can revisit for years to come.


Images by EH Photography & Caroline Ellis

Grand Gesture

For the couples that love the spotlight, why not invite everyone in on the fun? A grand gesture proposal ensures all eyes are on you, with plenty of excitement and energy to go around. The more people, the better—we’re talking big crowds and popular events with plenty of opportunity to become a spectacle. Whatever you’re planning, go bigger.


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A proposal marks the beginning of an exciting journey between you and your significant other. Our Engagement Ring Style Guide and Budget Ring Guide will make sure you have everything you need to make it special.


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