Modern Diamond Cuts & Shapes to Look Out For in 2023

It’s wedding season, and the latest engagement ring trends are making an appearance on the hands of soon-to-be brides. It’s true: modern engagement ring styles evolve every year, but a popular theme over the last decade is the emergence of clean, minimal designs with vintage details.

We’re not talking about common diamond shapes you see in an everyday engagement ring catalog. Think unique diamond cuts, chunky gold settings, geometric shapes, and statement designs that are crafted to be handed down to future generations. These cuts and shapes are just starting to surface at specialty jewelers and one of a kind collections, and they’re making quite a splash. 

Let’s take a look at a few of these gorgeous styles that are ready for their moment in the sun:


A trapezoid diamond (also known as trapeze-cut) looks just like its name: a four-sided shape with two parallel sides and two of the sides slanting inward. This cut is generally used for accent stones in a three stone design, as its geometrical angles create a beautiful tapered frame for many diamond shapes. Trapezoid diamonds are currently making appearances in vintage-inspired rings, like the Art Deco style.


A hexagon diamond is a beautiful shape with 6 angular sides. This unconventional form offers a fresh look that is sure to attract attention—especially today, with geometric shapes and one of a kind designs consistently rising in popularity. Whether you’re going for a modern or vintage look, this versatile cut sits beautifully in a cluster or shines in a simple solitaire. Or if you’re really feeling bold, get it elongated. 


A sister-shape to the hexagon, octagon diamonds evoke the same geometric style with 8 angular sides. This gorgeous shape adds a sharp look to an essentially “round” form, making appearances in one of a kind designs and Art Deco styles. Without a doubt, an octagon is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. It’s rare, sleek, and carries symbolic meaning: the number 8 is known to signify new beginnings. 

Step-Cut Oval

A step-cut oval is a beautiful break from tradition. Instead of featuring a “brilliant” cut like your typical oval, this cut incorporates the intricate details of a step-cut stone usually found in emerald, asscher, or baguette diamonds. Thin, parallel facets draw attention to the stone’s center and are incredibly reflective. At a glance, it looks like a sparkling hall of mirrors.


A lozenge diamond reflects a traditional “diamond” or “rhombus” shape, formed with four sides of equal length. Also a step-cut, its facets descend from the edges and draw attention to the stone’s center. This diamond is a popular choice for lovers of a vintage ring style, as its sharp corners and angular shape add modern twist to antique settings.


Just like a kite without the string, a kite diamond has two sets of equal sides and an off-center horizon line. This unique shape is edgy, bold, and definitely eye-catching. And with its sharpest point extending upward from the center, its elongated effect is flattering on any finger or beautifully asymmetrical when set east-west.

In today’s sphere, modern brides are famously on the hunt for unique diamonds and colored gemstones to set their ring apart from the crowd. Geometric shapes, antique cuts, and one a kind rings crafted by specialty jewelers are more popular than ever.


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