The Diamond of the Season: Phoebe Dynevor’s Engagement Ring

This year’s MET gala unveiled many memorable moments, but we can’t shake Phoebe Dynevor’s ethereal look: a gorgeous Victoria Beckham creation paired with a new accessory. Phoebe subtly debuted an engagement ring announcing her recent engagement to producer Cameron Fuller at the event.

This stunning actress is always effortlessly chic, whether it’s ascending the stairs as “Daphne” at the Bridgerton mansion or stunning fans with elegant street wear styles. We can’t resist a deep dive of her MET gala companion—Lady Whistledown-style.

Here are the details:




This Season’s Diamond

Phoebe’s pale purple Victoria Beckham gown was certainly the main event, but her engagement ring claimed the most headlines. Semi-sheer fabric with floral draping was the perfect complement to her new accessory: a solitaire-style oval cut diamond with a bezel setting. Although exact details of the ring remain unconfirmed, jewelers speculate the diamond is between 2.5-3.00 carats.

Solitaire engagement rings remain the industry’s most popular style, making appearances on it-girls like Hailey Bieber and Sophia Richie. Phoebe’s sparkling diamond is secured in a bezel setting, which features a thin rim of metal around the stone. This style is famously durable and adds a sleek look to the silhouette.

As of now, detailed shots of Phoebe’s ring are kept under lock and key. We’re anxiously waiting for more.


June Solitaire Oval & Cassia Bezel ring



Get the Look

Phoebe’s engagement ring is a combination of three key details: oval cut diamond, bezel setting, and a medium-width yellow gold band. Likely custom, similar styles are available in our Engagement or June Solitaire Collection. To name a few: Cassia, Fleur, and the June Bezel.

Cheers, Phoebe: this ring is worthy of the Duchess of Hastings. Shop our Engagement Collection to find your perfect oval cut solitaire, or create something custom with the help of a consultant in the June Studio.



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