Marquise: the “Cool Girl” Diamond Shape of 2024

Marquise is having a moment, and what better way to bask in the spotlight than sitting comfortably on your left hand? A popular addition to “Cool Girl” aesthetic engagement ring details—chunky gold, vintage styles, colored stones—this diamond shape is currently living on our Pinterest board rent-free.

We get it: there’s plenty to love about this distinct cut. A marquise diamond is bold, beautiful, and famously eye-catching. Its narrow form makes the hand appear slimmer. And if you’re on the hunt for a unique look, marquise stones can look modern, vintage, or ultra-fresh when set east-west. 

Ready to say yes to a marquise? Here’s 7 engagement rings for your upcoming proposal:


June Oriel Ring



Oriel has all the cool-girl characteristics on this season’s docket. Adorned with a 1.00 carat marquise diamond, this vintage inspired design lets the gold do the talking, with a 3.7mm domed band and sleek bezel setting. She’s chunky, elegant, and ready for stacking with whatever contour fits your fancy.

Oriel is customizable with any size or shape center stone


June Dahlia Ring



When we imagine vintage details, Dahlia comes to mind. Nothing says “heirloom status” like this gorgeous design featuring an intricate split band, dainty diamond accents, and an ornate claw prong setting. Finish it off with a classic 1.50 carat marquise diamond to capture the light.

The Dahlia is available with an oval, pear, marquise, or emerald cut center and customizable with most diamond cuts and sizes


June Zinnia Ring



Zinnia is refreshingly modern. There is beauty in simplicity—with a unique knife edge band, beloved bezel setting, and a 1.25 carat marquise diamond, this solitaire will have everybody buzzing. And her crowning detail: an east-west silhouette for a horizontal elongated look.

Zinnia is customizable with any size or shape center stone


June Fleur Ring



It’s easy to love Fleur—and with a unique diamond shape, she’ll be the talk of the town. This romantic take on a classic solitaire has three distinct features: a diamond center, bezel setting, and signature split shank band detail. Level up her silhouette with a gorgeous 1.00 marquise diamond.  

Fleur is available with any size or shape center stone


June Cassia Bezel Ring



Cassia boasts an “old money” aesthetic from every angle. Sleek and elegant, a sparkling 1.20 carat marquise diamond sits comfortably in an open bezel setting. And don’t forget her signature 2.5mm flat ridged band—an heirloom-worthy detail. 

Cassia is available with any size or shape center stone


June Solitaire Marquise Ring


The June Solitaire

A marquise cut solitaire is a bold accessory. This beloved style ranks top in the bridal industry, and with a unique shape like marquise, you’ll surely stand out from the crowd. The stacking options are endless—craft your perfect engagement set with a straight or contour band from the June Band Collection.

The June Solitaire is customizable to all diamond cuts and available with a claw prong or bezel setting


 June One of a Kind Ring

Champagne Marquise Solitaire

It’s easy to get lost in the details of this design, featuring a rare 2.04 carat natural step-cut marquise champagne diamond. Set with two 14k yellow gold tab prongs, this stone’s parallel facets emit a unique type of sparkle. The perfect fit for a bride on the hunt for something unexpected.  

June One of a Kind Collection rings are sold in single quantities and can’t be replicated. If your favorite ring has been claimed, design something custom with us in the June Studio.



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