The June One of a Kind Collection

So you’re browsing the June Collection or considering creating a custom ring in the June Studio. Trust us: your perfect ring is just around the corner—but before you make a decision, don’t skip on all of the unique collections June has to offer.

And as always, we’re happy to make the introduction: 

June One of a Kind Moval Solitaire


What is One of a Kind? 

June One of a Kind is an evolving collection of rare designs. All rings are crafted from a limited source of special gemstones and unique cuts. Yes, all June rings are made to order, but One of a Kind rings are sold in single quantities and can’t be replicated. Every piece is truly individual. 

This collection is intended to provide our designers with creative opportunities and house June’s most niche designs. Often, our craftsmen will stumble on exquisite treasures, like a romantic 5.01 carat champagne cushion, or a stunning pink champagne solitaire. And after a bit of magic in the June Studio, these gems are ready to find their forever match.

What Makes One of a Kind Different?

Unlike the June or June Solitaire Collection, all One of a Kind Collection rings are sold in single quantities. This means that once claimed, the ring will be listed as out of stock and won’t be available for future purchase. If you’re looking for a way to stand out and don’t want to start a custom design from scratch, this might be your perfect fit.

Every One of a Kind ring has a story. For example: a mesmerizing sapphire solitaire with a vintage cut originally used to protect miniature portraits. Or, an old Euro diamond stack inspired by the Art Deco design style. Both incredibly unique and destined to resonate with a future wearer.

Let’s take a look at a few of the newcomers:

June One of a Kind Champagne Emerald Ring 

Vintage Champagne Emerald

This One of a Kind design is gloriously vintage, sporting a 2.00 carat natural emerald cut champagne diamond center. A 14k yellow gold setting holds .75 carats of natural baguette diamonds in a vintage channel design.

June One of a Kind Champagne Toi et Moi


Champagne Toi et Moi

This One of a Kind toi et moi design features a chunky woven 18k gold band set with two sparkling champagne diamonds: one, a .90 carat natural antique cut cushion, and the second, a .93 carat natural antique cut pear.

June One of a Kind True Antique Starling


True Antique Starling

This One of a Kind design is uniquely sculptural, featuring a dazzling .94 carat true antique rose cut diamond. A 14k yellow gold half round band frames half its center, creating an asymmetrical look with subtle curves.


Browse our One of a Kind Collection for more rare designs or explore our Antique Diamond Cuts and Modern Diamond Cuts to stay up to date on the latest engagement ring trends.


With a dedication to fine jewelry crafted from quality materials, June creates modern heirlooms made to last. Shop our collection or create a custom ring with our design team.