The June Solitaire Collection

In a world of countless engagement ring styles, one demands special attention: a classic solitaire. This famous design is beautiful, beloved, and eternally classic. And as a popular player in the bridal industry, we’ll never get tired of this timeless look.

Although the origin of this engagement ring style is up for debate, one thing’s for certain: the solitaire is here to stay. Let’s explore its unique qualities and introduce one of June’s most popular collections.


June Solitaire Oval Bezel  

What is a Solitaire?

Solitaire rings feature a single diamond set in a band. You might have heard its name among other engagement ring styles, or the famous “round brilliant cut solitaire”—the top selling engagement ring style to date.

Take it from the pros—a solitaire is anything but boring. In fact, it’s quite the opposite; this composition allows a diamond to really shine. Its minimal design enhances the stone’s radiance and calls attention to its unique cut.

Introducing the June Solitaire Collection

The June Solitaire is a complete collection of timeless classics. And with a stunning number of materials at your disposal, the style options are endless. Customize your solitaire’s diamond cut & shape, karat size, setting, and gold color. Or, add a small birthstone detail to your band to make it even more meaningful.  

This collection provides a customizable experience to the industry’s most popular engagement ring style. Whether you’re set on a classic oval setting or eyeing an elegant emerald cut, each ring is designed to pair with straight or contour wedding bands.

Let’s take a look at a few of the players:


June Solitaire Oval


June Oval Solitaire

An oval diamond captures tradition and elegance. With a major spike in popularity over the last decade, this beloved shape is known for its elongated effect. It optically slims the hand of its wearer and sparkles beautifully in both high and low light settings.

Shop the June Solitaire oval cut with a claw prong or bezel setting


June Solitaire Emerald


June Emerald Solitaire

An emerald diamond derives from the green emerald gemstone. One of the most recognizable styles in the industry, this shape emits a unique sparkle due to its straight facets and parallel step pattern. This allows observers to see through the stone and calls attention to its clarity.

Shop the June Solitaire emerald cut with a claw prong or bezel setting


June Solitaire Round


June Round Solitaire

A round diamond is a timeless classic, and the most famous in the industry. Known for its reflective qualities, this shape emits a beautiful sparkle and complements just about any setting. Its incredible versatility is one of the many reasons it remains the most popular shape for engagement rings, year after year.

Shop the June Solitaire round cut with a claw prong or bezel setting


June Solitaire Pear


June Pear Solitaire

A pear diamond has a long history and distinct style. Suitable for both modern and vintage settings, its signature “point” is famously versatile; it can be rotated up or down and optically elongates the finger.

Shop the June Solitaire pear cut with a claw prong or bezel setting

There’s plenty more where that came from—the June Solitaire is available with an oval, round, radiant, emerald, pear, cushion, marquise, trillion, or asscher cut diamond center. Many of these designs are also available with an east-west setting for an entirely different look.


Browse the June Solitaire Collection to find your perfect fit. And for more fine jewelry education, consult our Diamond Cuts and Diamond Quality Guide to better understand this precious stone.