What is My Birthstone? Discover Your Birth Month’s Personal Gem


This year’s rings are all about making a statement, and what better way to wow your circle than an unexpected pop of color? Gemstones are currently having their moment in the sun, and we’re living for these unique engagement ring settings.

If you’re already browsing gemstones for your proposal, consider a personalized touch by adorning your finger with a birthstone. You can go as far as making it your ring’s center stone or adding a small accent detail to a solitaire.

What is a Birthstone?

A birthstone is a gem associated with the month of your birth. These gems are rooted in history throughout civilizations, cultures, and divinatory practices, like zodiac signs. Each month of the year is represented by a gem—and for some, more than one. Popular for use in fine jewelry, these stones are said to bring good luck to their wearer. 

So, which gorgeous gem is meant to be on your finger? Here’s a comprehensive list of each month and its own personal accessory:



 January: Garnet

Commonly worn by the Ancient Egyptians, garnet represents passion and heart. Wearers of this deep red stone inspire life: good health to themselves and others, and peace & prosperity to their community. The gem is also associated with happiness and loyalty.

February: Amethyst

Amethyst represents matters of heart and mind: wisdom, improved memory, and humility. Wearers of this purple stone are better able to overcome life’s challenges and maintain a clear perspective. Throughout history, this gem was most often worn by the royal class.


March: Aquamarine

With a legendary origin of mermaid tails, aquamarine represents clarity and tranquility. Wearers of this green-blue stone generate an aura of calmness to their surroundings. A home to the sailors who wore them, this gem’s hue resembles mystical ocean waters.

April: Diamond

Known for exceptional strength and beauty, diamonds are a symbol of everlasting love. This gem’s bright and glamorous appearance is the most popular stone for engagement rings. Believed by the Ancient Greeks to have magical qualities, wearers of this stone generate further wealth and happiness.


May: Emerald

Emeralds represent abundance, joy, and rebirth. Formally associated with Venus, the goddess of love, this gem inspires good fortune. Wearers of this vibrant green stone live with a sharp mind and are protected from unfaithfulness in love.


June: Alexandrite

Discovered in Russia in 1824, Alexandrite represents a balance of physical and spiritual health. Defined by a green-blue or purple hue, wearers of this stone inspire romance, good luck, and emotional wellbeing.


July: Ruby

Commonly known as the “king of gems’, rubies represent protection and harmony. Wearers of this stone lead with confidence and are protected against misfortune. Resembling the vivid color of blood, these gems are believed to hold the power of life.


August: Peridot

Peridot represents courage, love, and happiness. With a history of good fortune, wearers of this stone once believed that sleeping alongside it aided in nightmare prevention. Commonly known as the stone of compassion, this gem is beloved for its earthy green hue.


September: Blue Sapphire

With a legend of giving the sky its color, blue sapphires represent wisdom, loyalty, and peace. Wearers of this stone are capable of settling weary nerves and maintaining a clear mind. Commonly worn by royalty, this gem is also associated with success.

October: Pink Tourmaline

Known in history to grant enlightenment, pink tourmaline represents creativity and innocence. Wearers of this soft pink stone experience reduced stress and mental clarity. Associated with love and healing, this gem can also soothe negative emotions.


November: Citrine

Commonly worn by the Ancient Egyptians, Citrine represents health and prosperity. Wearers of this orange-yellow stone experience a sharpened intellect and can ward off negative emotions. Known to channel the power of the sun, this gem also inspires calmness of the heart.


December: Blue Zircon


Blue zircon represents honor and wisdom. Wearers of this stone can experience a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Used in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits, this bright blue gem is also said to provide guidance.


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When it comes to engagement rings, there’s no shortage of precious stones to choose from. If you’re set on a pop of color, discuss with your jeweler which gemstone best suits your setting type, lifestyle, or budget. Or if you prefer a traditional look with a lower price tag, consider a diamond alternative.


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