What Wedding Band Should I Get For My Engagement Ring?

So you’ve said “yes” to the big question, and you’re on your way to planning your dream wedding. From white dresses to French tips, there are many exciting details ahead. And don’t forget—there’s one more accessory to complete your bridal look: a sparkling wedding band.

An engagement ring and wedding band are traditionally worn as a set with the band placed first (closest to your heart). Unveiled at the ring ceremony, this meaningful token is exchanged at the altar.  Whether you’re searching for the ultimate stacker or coordinating with your significant other, there’s plenty of gorgeous styles to choose from. 

Let’s break down a list of common wedding band designs and their role in a ring stack.


June Fawn Band


Diamond Band

We’re all for upping the sparkle in an engagement ring stack, and a classic diamond band is the perfect way to glamourize. This timeless design traditionally features a row of uniform-cut stones, and the possibilities are endless. Accessorize with oval, baguette, round, marquise, pear or nontraditional east-west settings.

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June Porto Arch Band


Contour Band

For the bride in search of the desirable flush-fit, go contour. This sculptural style features a slight curve in the ring’s construction, creating a snug space for your engagement ring’s center stone. Most often, a contour band stack will resemble a matching set. And whether you’re looking for a gold accent, a diamond accent, or both, there’s something for every diamond cut.

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June Flat Cigar Band


Cigar Band

A cigar band is a famously versatile wedding band style. And even more, it’s perfect for everyday wear. This classic accessory makes the most of a monochrome look and pairs beautifully with all diamond cuts and settings. It’s all about the gold—explore flat, round, and textured finishes, or create a flush stack with a unique contour design.

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June Ash Band


Negative Space Band

A negative space band is an effortless addition to any ring stack. Featuring its own unique details, this modern style breaks the infinity loop with a signature gap in the band’s composition. The “negative space” frames your main stone, calls attention to its sparkle, and creates that sleek flush-fit look.

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June Magnolia Emerald Band


Gemstone Band

For the bride who doesn’t shy away from color, a gemstone band is your perfect accessory. Dreamy emeralds, alluring black onyx, vibrant rubies and sapphires—these unique gems never fail to make a statement. Browse a spectrum of beautiful colors and stone cuts to find your perfect pop detail. 

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