Engagement Ring Resizing: Timeline, Cost, and FAQs

You found your ideal ring style, are entering a new life chapter, and basking in post-wedding bliss. Everything is as it should be, except for one important detail: your engagement ring doesn’t fit. 

Don’t fret—though inconvenient, this situation is easily remedied with the help of a professional. Remember: your ring is meant to be worn. The best thing you can do is ensure it fits properly so this meaningful investment doesn’t go to waste.  

Let’s get into the resizing process so you know what to expect.

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Only Resize If Necessary 

In an ideal world, engagement rings would always maintain a perfect fit. However, unexpected changes arise. Maybe your ring was incorrectly sized in the first place, or you have experienced weight fluctuation over time. Before you move forward with a resizing, consider if your situation is temporary. For example: pregnancy often causes swelling of the hands, but this is not permanent, as the body will eventually return to its normal state.

Ring resizing is a helpful tool that should be used sparingly. During the process, your ring undergoes slight alterations that shift its internal structure. Because of this, it’s important to recognize if/when the procedure is absolutely necessary. Pregnancy or temperature changes might be uncomfortable, but they’re not necessarily cause for a ring resize.


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How to Measure Your Finger Size

Of course, the most efficient thing you can do is measure your finger correctly in the first place. Some jewelers offer try at home options with complimentary ring sizers so you can determine your size with confidence. Whether you’re at the jeweler or using a ring sizer at home, here are a few things to consider:

Band Width: Wide bands fit tighter than thin bands. If your band is 3mm or above, we recommend sizing up ½ size

Temperature: Fingers swell in hot temperatures, and shrink in the cold. Ensure you are sizing in a moderate climate setting

Time of Day: Sometimes finger size will fluctuate throughout the day. Measure in the early afternoon for the most accurate results

Tension: Your ring shouldn’t slide off without any effort. For an ideal fit, there should be a bit of tension moving over the knuckle area. If removing it is uncomfortable/difficult, then it’s too tight.

Ring Style: A solitaire setting is notoriously top heavy, and more likely to spin. Consider your ring’s weight distribution when determining your size

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Engagement Ring Sizing FAQs

How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring?

Ring resizing timelines vary depending on your chosen method and provider. If you are using a mail service (arranged through your jeweler), the process can take anywhere between 7-21 days. Or if you prefer to coordinate in-House, you can estimate completion between 5-15 days.

If you decide to send by mail, select a jeweler that offers insured shipping. Your ring will likely arrive safely, but peace of mind is priceless. 

How Much Does Ring Sizing Cost?

The cost of ring sizing varies on the complexity of design. If your ring is a simple solitaire (with a plain band), expect a cost between 40-120 USD. If your ring displays more complex details like a pavé setting or side stones, expect to pay between 90-200 USD. 

Can I Get My Ring Resized Anywhere?

Many jewelers offer ring resizing services, but it is recommended to contact the place of original purchase. Your warranty could be void if you take it elsewhere. If this is not possible, contact your jeweler for further clarification.  

Can Any Ring Be Resized?

Tungsten and titanium (primarily used in men’s rings) are not resizable and would require the purchase of a new ring. Eternity bands (stones set 100% around the ring) are extremely complex to reset, and quite expensive. In this case, we recommend seeking a band with ¾ stone coverage to ensure resizing potential if such cases arise. 

Does Resizing Damage My Ring?

If you resize through a reputable jeweler, your ring will likely not incur any damages from the resizing process. However, less is better—resizing a ring more than 2-3 times in its lifetime could alter or damage its internal structure.


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Ring Resizing: The Bottom Line

In summary, ring resizing is accessible and affordable in times of necessity. Your ring is made to be worn—measure correctly, and pay attention to lifestyle changes as you practice proper ring care maintenance. A too-loose or too-tight ring is vulnerable to loss and damage. Understand your jeweler’s warranty and acquire engagement ring insurance to ensure this meaningful investment is safe.


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