The Engagement Ring Gold Guide



A diamond might be the main attraction, but we can’t ignore one vital ring detail: Gold. This beautiful metal is a shining star in fine jewelry—especially engagement rings, as it sets the stage for the center stone and plays a defining role in a ring’s composition.

Let’s break down this element and its function in fine jewelry.

June Collection Oriel Ring


What is Gold?

Gold is a precious yellow metallic element of Group 11, Period 6 of the periodic table of elements. Because of its beautiful color and brightness, it is a longtime symbol of wealth and status. A history of usage in fine jewelry dates back to many ancient cultures (Mesopotamia, China, Egypt, Rome, etc.) and it remains the most popular engagement ring metal to this day. 

In its purest form, gold is quite soft and malleable. In order to make it suitable for everyday wear—as is necessary for an engagement ring—it is mixed with other metals to make it stronger. These mixtures are measured by “karats” and are the basis of the three gold colors: yellow, white, and rose.

Understanding Gold Karat

Karat is a measurement of the purity of gold. When an engagement ring is crafted, other metals are added alongside gold to increase durability. The term “karat” signifies the amount of gold the mixture carries. For example: “24 karat” is considered pure gold, with each karat representing 1/24 of a whole.

So, is 24 karat gold the ultimate goal? Yes, and no—although a 24 karat gold piece of jewelry technically yields the highest value, it is also incredibly fragile and won’t hold its shape. Most engagement rings are crafted with 18, 14, or 10 karat gold. The higher the gold content, the more it captures gold’s naturally warm hue.

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Yellow Gold

Yellow gold engagement rings are mixed with copper and silver. This color is considered the most “classic” of all the gold colors, as it exhibits a hue akin to the element’s purest form. It is also the most popular engagement ring metal. Because of its naturally warm appearance, it shines beautifully in vintage settings and complements all skin tones—especially olive, or those with warm undertones.

All June Collection and June Solitaire rings are available with 18, 14, and 10k yellow gold settings. All One of a Kind Collection rings are crafted with yellow gold.   


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White Gold

White gold engagement rings are mixed with silver, zinc, and nickel. This color became popular in the 1920s as a platinum alternative and was quickly beloved for its unique “bright” appearance and durability. When paired with a diamond, the ring emits a sparkling monochromatic look. This color is most suitable for fair complexions or skin with cool undertones.

All June Collection and June Solitaire rings are available with 18, 14, and 10k white gold settings. Or, create a custom ring in white gold.  

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Rose Gold

Rose gold engagement rings are mixed with copper and silver. This color emerged as a response to the “lavish and feminine” 1920s, widely beloved for its unique pinkish hue. It has the highest copper content of all the gold colors, is the most durable, and remains a fairly uncommon choice for engagement ring settings. Rose gold undoubtedly captures a romantic, vintage look and pairs well with a variety of skin tones.

All June Collection and June Solitaire rings are available with 18, 14, and 10k rose gold settings. Or, create a custom ring in rose gold.

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Which Gold Should I Get For My Ring?

Engagement ring gold karat and color is ultimately up to the buyer’s preference. Some individuals try on each style to assess the best fit for their skin tone, and others already have a clear preference in mind. 

Selecting the karat is a matter of budget and lifestyle. For example: an 18 karat gold ring is the most radiant, but will yield a higher cost. A 10 karat gold ring is more budget-friendly, but will emit a fainter “gold” look than higher karats. Whatever your situation, all gold colors and karats crafted by reputable jewelers are suitable for everyday wear with proper care and maintenance. Communicate your preferences with your jeweler to find the perfect fit.


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