5 Common Mistakes Couples Make When Ring Shopping

With all the anticipation of an upcoming proposal, it’s easy to lose sight of a few prenuptial details. And for good reason: feelings of love and excitement effortlessly outshine wedding prep—especially when it comes to engagement rings, which require more planning than most people might think.

Selecting an engagement ring is an important decision, but also an incredibly fun one. Whether you’re committed to a certain style or you’re one for spontaneity, one thing’s for certain: preparation is key. A simple understanding of fine jewelry fundamentals paves the way for a stress-free ring experience.

Get ahead of the game by avoiding these common engagement ring mishaps:

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1. Lack of Communication

Maybe you love surprises, or you and your partner are two halves of whirlwind romance. Some might find this endearing, but most partners prefer a heads-up when the prenuptials start rolling.

Think of it this way: wouldn’t you want a say in something you’ll wear for many years—maybe even the rest of your life? This isn’t just another piece of everyday jewelry; it’s meaningful and incredibly valuable. Instead of leaving your partner in the dark—risking an unsuitable ring style or the wrong finger size—loop them in on just enough details to ensure they’re feeling confident and satisfied. 

If you’re not sure where to start, prompt a conversation. Discuss your future plans and interest in marriage. Expectations will align if you are both on the same page, and details about a proposal or engagement ring styles are likely to follow.  

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2. Not Setting a Timeline

Every engagement ring requires planning. Before you set a proposal date, consult a professional about your engagement ring timeline. Many rings are made to order. If you’re working with an expert jeweler, ask about crafting and delivery times. This is especially applicable to those interested in creating custom designs, or working to source a rare gemstone.

Maybe fate is on your side and your dream ring is already in stock. If that’s not the case, most people can expect a 3-4 week lead time for regular orders, or 4-6 weeks in the case of rare or custom cut gemstones.  



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3. Not Setting a Budget

An engagement ring is your first wedding expense and a major life purchase. Before you start the ring process, set a budget with your partner to ensure you’re browsing within an attainable price range.  

A common rule suggests that the cost of a ring should equate to at least two months of the buyer’s salary. For example: a recent survey reported that the average ring cost in 2022 was around $6,000. Other studies have reported that millennials (the most common marriage age demographic) spend an average of $3,000. Determine a budget with your partner or consult our budget guide to optimize your financial situation. 



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4. Ignoring the 4Cs

A basic knowledge of diamond quality is an absolute must for every diamond buyer. Not only does this paint a clear picture of budget and expectations, it legitimizes the inherent value of your ring. 

The 4Cs is a universal diamond grading method that ensures two things: a stone’s quality can be objectively measured, and that quality can be communicated in a universal language. Each “C” represents a unique method of measurement that ultimately determines a stone’s value: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.


Every buyer should know the quality of their precious stone. Understand the 4Cs with our Diamond Quality Guide or browse our Diamond Alternatives or Gemstone Guide for other options.


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5. Skipping Engagement Ring Insurance

Engagement ring insurance is the most important maintenance tool. And in a worst case scenario, it is absolutely essential to ensuring the protection of your ring long term.

Jewelry insurance protects your ring from disaster situations such as loss, damage, or theft. Essentially, any expenses regarding the repair or replacement of your ring are covered by your provider. This ensures peace of mind that in an unfortunate situation, the consequences regarding loss or harm of your investment can be somewhat amended.


Understand this essential protection tool with our Engagement Ring Insurance Guide and practice proper care with our Ring Maintenance Guide.



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Start the Process


Selecting an engagement ring is one of the most exciting wedding details. And in many ways, it sets everything in motion. This meaningful piece of jewelry is a beautiful symbol of your love, and will remain a longtime companion through the coming years. A bit of self initiated research can make or break your experience—or when in doubt, ask your jeweler for assistance.


With a dedication to fine jewelry crafted from quality materials, June creates modern heirlooms made to last. Shop our collection or create a custom ring with our design team.